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Sanctuary of Filth
The morning sun,
beams through a broken window.
Revealing all that is wrong
in this sanctuary of filth.
If these walls could talk,
they would describe the assault
upon the eyes of the weary.
On a floor of worn carpet
in a room with no door,
having been ripped from its hinges
long ago,
lay a lone mattress,
stained and decaying
tossed in a corner
like something discarded.
If these walls could talk,
they would describe junkie love.
Nude bodies entwined
and tangled,
committing acts
too lewd for this poem.
The ceiling above,
discolored and broken.
They would tell you of beauty
that once existed in this place
and love in whose
who once dwelled.
But these walls can’t talk,
their voices are silent
cracked and missing
from uneasy ground.
:iconjj-lit:JJ-Lit 2 3
In Light of Tragedy
In the heat of summer,
while everyone was attending backyard parties
and river trips, he spent most his days
in a hospital bed.
And then, we lost another brother.
In the changing climate of fall,
as the leaves found their way back to the earth
and the rains threatened to flood Texas,
my mother followed.
Then, in the mist of so much tragedy, winter came
and brought with it a spark of light
so bright it shielded us from the darkness.
Even if only for awhile.
On October 28th my first Grandson was born,
seven pounds, twelve ounces,
twenty-one inches long.
Maybe, just maybe, their passing
was to make room for so much beauty
still yet to come.
We can only hope.
:iconjj-lit:JJ-Lit 4 6
You Got This
Balance is the key
to sorting me out,
but I can’t master it.
How does one master a waterfall
or a hail storm?
I guess it goes back
to the illusion of control.
You know life happens to us
not the other way around,
but that doesn’t mean
we don’t play a part.
Is it the ice on the road
or the hands on the wheel?
I’d say it’s both,
but you won’t find any comfort
with that answer.
Instead maybe
just maybe
there will be someone beside you
you got this.
:iconjj-lit:JJ-Lit 8 10
We Dont Die Young
Turn the lights down low. Let me leave this place from the comfort of my own bed at seventy, quick. Sometimes I actually think I’ll be around to see the world die. That would be my luck, as it was my grandmother’s. The quality of life fades, but the heart and mind remain strong. I don’t wish to die, I just want to leave the station before the suffering rolls in, but we don’t die young.
My blood line speaks for itself. The latest to prove that fact is my father, a hard noised, whiskey drinking wild man. He rode his Heritage to the end of life and back again. Now, his roar has become a groan, but he’s still kicking near eighty. Most his friends are gone now, but their memory still lingers and he has his family.
If this doesn’t sound so bad, that’s because it isn’t, at least not yet. When your existence becomes agony and pain from bones that don’t work, lungs that struggle to breathe, or bowels that won’t move I’d rather ta
:iconjj-lit:JJ-Lit 4 7
Last Nights Run
There’s money in a stack
and a pistol on the floor.
A tattooed hand
dangling just above.
Whiskey bottles scattered
from last night’s run;
a dance with the devil
in the main event.
The ashtrays full
of cigarette butts.
Smoke still lingers
in the air.
The light bulb flickers
to its last breath.
Shadows move
with impending dread.
The dis-hearted sleep
while sirens wail,
up the street
and across the hill.
A crash through the door
and that’s the end.
It’s hard being poor
in Houston, Texas.
:iconjj-lit:JJ-Lit 2 6
Our Own Melody
She speaks to me in the night,
telling tales of life and love
and loss.
Her voice is soft and melodic,
almost hypnotizing.
It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.
And I know, I could rise and fall to her melody
for the rest of my life.
If only she were mine.
She devotes so much, more so
than I would ever allow her to give.
After all,
life is meant to be lived
and she deserves better.
I imagine us as a team, playfully arguing
over whom would be the master chef of the evening.
We would dine and drink and laugh.
Then after words,
she would start to clean,
but I would have none of it;
whisking her off her feet
and carrying her to our hide away.
There, I would make her sing,
our bodies becoming one,
with no rules or barbed wire.
We would make our own melody
and then, when the sun hit our eyes
I would think to myself,
this must be
what heaven feels like.
:iconjj-lit:JJ-Lit 5 8
Thoughts on Heaven
Hearing those horns play, that easy Reggae strum on the guitar, the sound of the bongos with a steady hip hop beat in the back ground; I imagine heaven sounds that way. You can’t help but groove to it. It just happens naturally.
Watching the smoke bellow from the pits; it fills the air with the scent of oak and hickory mixed with red pepper, garlic, and onion; maybe that’s what heaven smells like. If not, it should.
Sipping on my favorite Irish whiskey, a good woman by my side, she gives me a warm smile with eyes that don’t hate. Surrounded by old friends laughing and cheering “Brosk Man Bruda”, we’d say before tapping the table and downing a shot. Maybe that’s what heaven feels like. If not, it should.
:iconjj-lit:JJ-Lit 5 6
The Quiet
There is a calm
amongst the empty pages,
but loneliness lurks
in the quiet.
Turning the corner
weighs less than the past,
but the scenery
still eludes me.
There is no cloud
of unrelenting despair
to corrupt or distort
my vision.
There is no chaos
surrounding me,
razing everything
I touch.
Instead I lack
the one thing that does not bend,
the one thing
that does not give.
It waits for nothing
and takes everything.
is not
my ally.
:iconjj-lit:JJ-Lit 8 11
Easy Melody
There is solace
in the empty spaces of existence,
but those are few and far between.
That’s what I used to think,
but there’s a fine line
between company and chaos.
It seems either the walls scream
or I am lonely.
What I need is a medium;
voices of monotone,
of reason, with no burden of my life
or their own,
just a nice easy melody.
:iconjj-lit:JJ-Lit 9 12
All That Counts
You grind it out because you have to. You keep on doing no matter what. You round the corners the best you can and the best you can is all that counts. You take care of your own because you’re all they’ve got. It doesn’t much matter if they see it not; it doesn’t much matter if they understand your grind. Without you, they know only darker skies. Face it, they owe you everything, including their lives. And your best effort, is all that can rightfully be expected for you. So keep your chin up.
:iconjj-lit:JJ-Lit 6 7
Scattered Thoughts
Something about green grass, white sand,
and wine, though I’m not much of a wine drinker.
Still, I understand.
Bragging about iron clad profanity
and how it rolls off the tongue;
yeah I got that one too.
Two dimes and a nickel may not equal much,
but the line rhymes; guess I'm reaching for that one,
but we do what we can.
A fifth of whiskey may turn me sideways,
but it’s all good when it’s lost in the ether.
Beer may as well flow from a fountain, because I drink for a reason.
Smiles are free, but that doesn’t mean they come easily,
especially when your friends and family flying away
and the mouths you feed don’t much care about anything,
all while ashes keep falling to the floor.  
:iconjj-lit:JJ-Lit 7 9
Steve Duke
You got your wings
on May 22nd 2014
and now,
we’ve lost another brother.
With roots that stretched deep
beneath the streets of Spring Branch,
you were like the hood mascot
or something.
I’ve known you
my entire life
and you
will certainly be missed.
Go easy, brother
this one’s for you.
we’ll meet again.
:iconjj-lit:JJ-Lit 5 9
Theater of Freaks
Bizarre stage acts, razors blades, and candle wax
Shrink wrap, techno beats, and strobe lighting
G-strings and corsets, fishnet stockings, and black lipstick
Canes that look like peppermint, top hats, and funny glasses
There is no shame beyond these doors, so many freaks amongst the masses
:iconjj-lit:JJ-Lit 4 3
Blurred and Distorted
Rays of light assault my eyes,
resisting the urge to open.
The sounds I hear within my head
are slow to comprehend.
The rustle of leaves against a breeze
that flows across my skin,
the scent of earth that fills my nostrils
reinforces the need to wake.
Eyes open, but do not see,
colors blurred and distorted.
Kaleidoscopes of florescent green,
makes me sick to my stomach.
Birds fly much like people drive,
with the impatience of motion.
From the ground my world spins full
three hundred and sixty degrees.
Bent and curled unable to rise
with legs made of rubber,
on the lawn is where I stay
suffering alcoholic blunder.
:iconjj-lit:JJ-Lit 7 12
A Few Things
In the beginning
we love everything;
the mobile that hangs
above our head,
the rattle in our hand,
that favorite stuffed animal
or blanket
we put so much faith in.
When the only word for God
is mother and we never have to endure
or pretend, but as time goes on,
those damaging tides roll in.
With each blue crush of the pipe,
we twist and bend,
until only a few things remain
that we truly love.
It’s at that moment of realization,
as if trying to retain our own innocence;
we pull close that which we still hold dear
and thank God above.
:iconjj-lit:JJ-Lit 8 7
The American Lie
What screws us up most often in life, is our expectation of it. That whole great job, one love, white picket fence, little house on the prairie, with notches on the wall to mark how much the children have grown, is a great dream, but that’s all it is –a dream. If you’ve accomplished even half of it, then be thankful, because it’s more than most.
:iconjj-lit:JJ-Lit 5 6

Random Favourites

who lusts for purity rings?
so now i wait for globs of cum
to rise from the bottom of the bathtub
and cover my bruises with their slime.
i am dotted all over with marks
from the hardness of invisible mouths
sucking up my lumpy pink complexion,
painting splotches of purple and yellow
where my eyes used to be.
and i think of how familiar it feels
to sit dying in the riff, the whorl-pool
of eyelids closing to blot me out.
i recall my fear of permanence
biting at my fingers and think
how strange, how strange-- scars are
for ever, tattoos of will
that only disappear.
blotted out by waves underneath.
maybe i am waving goodbye to
all the people drowned inside me,
listening in the waves. listening as
dead cells lurk at the surface
of a bathtub.
their necks are all broke
and they'll never go to sleep.
i am tired of being drunk in
the bath as fake pleasure coats
my skin. not mine, not mine.
i'd rather have bruises than
pretend kisses and the fever
of some fool's passion curdling
somewhere i need to wipe clean.
i am tired o
:iconbreathingglassstars:breathingglassstars 18 15
the first three words that popped into my head
i want a mouth stuffed
with all the truths
i've never told, wide open
so everyone can see them,
so everyone can see what
i see and know that
the bullet clogging my arteries
is permanent. i am
ready to die
before i even grew to love
the idea, the idea of you
i've fastened so sweet to my
eyelids it's all i see when i sleep.
i see you needing me in my dreams,
i see your arms opening wide and my
heart falling somewhere between them
like they say in fairytales,
just like promise said all the time.
and now i've got morphine
swallowing up my bones
and god crawling into my chest
like he misses me, like he misses
the way i get so small i could die
and just crawl right back into
the stone grave that nursed me to life
like a mother would. like a mother could.
but the worst is getting so small
that i shrink to nothing before your
old old eyes. i flush my blood away,
i throw it all out and drain it,
just thinking of how much wanting
there was trapped inside my very own head.
i beg my brain to let m
:iconbreathingglassstars:breathingglassstars 11 4
some tiny girl itches under my bones:
long-haired and wispy, lying in the arms
of a boy with brown eyes and a quiet real smile,
her lusts matched  by his desires, their
thin figures entertwined and dripped as
a constant entity
:iconsilklilies:silklilies 9 3
Rocky ledge and coated edge
of enclosed infinity.
Missing you alone and empty, jump --
a house of broken people is all that's left.
And in the end it all comes down to this:
adrenaline fights the elsewhere,
wind destroys the avalanches
(pretty, petite)
which we built upon empires lost.
March past the gates of Hell, my love
and don't forget to ask the time of the devil;
f-stop 68 and blurred edges,
our focus falls directly on the vacant black.
Space's vastness holds vessels to promises
and we float in a boat made of paper cranes.
Your bullets caress the dying, O Lord;
trickling down their souls,
anaemic grey eyes, hollowed out,
(from the flesh of sweet fruit)
peeling away their skin --
sing silent sorrowful sonnets
to the equally silent wolves,
girl lying in the snow.
The shadows are your memory passing.
Her body is glued there
by the weight of her life.
:icon91816119:91816119 10 20
Sheer Tip
I yield myself driven by invisible blows
this temptation to step off the edge
calls to me like wild geese, oh, delicate chaos
carry me, carry me!
:iconiampoetry:iamPoetry 6 16
Lady Elsiara
Such a lust cannot be culled with transparency,
It is the Veiled forest of which you seek.
She offers no such luxuries as clarity,
Beware; she'll not undress for the weak.
Venture to the alluring Isle of Kreyshar,
Inhale the sweetly perfumed embrace.
Linger 'til the twilight smothers the lone, blazing star,
Reach the summit; she'll flash her hypnotizing face.
Dare to comb gently through the thicket's efflorescent wings,
Allow fascination to fondly unbind your expression
as you're entranced whilst the spectral, spellbound mockingbird sings
 a moonlit melody that deepens your blood in connection.
Her song echoes past the hushed petals,
Too beauteous to wait whilst words untwist.
A tint of melancholy to sting like patient nettles,
Pursue for the emotions that she kissed.
Upon a citadel of frozen elven, she perches,
A wild glint of hunger flows to her abyssal, scarlet eyes.
Silently, she beckons you from the birches
until her temple walls weaken and rupture; with a cry.
Cradle her clo
:iconpawsfurthought:PawsFurThought 11 9
Why Not For Us?
We count the chimes for the dead sailors-
four souls alone on the farthest pew
wondering why the bell isn't ringing for us.
Was it not days ago when these tones were still men?
The bell calls out again and brings me back to that night.
I can still hear the telltale whines of the ship's wires;
still feel the suffocating silence that followed
in that godless moment where our hearts hit the floor.
The icy shocks of water still try to throw me over,
longing to take me hostage and drown me in the sea.
In the back of my mind, I'm still holding on to a young sailor;
his hand still frozen in mine as I pull him away from the pitching bow.
Frigid rain still pours down on me as I finally pull him up to the railing,
and again I watch him scramble to grab hold of the rusted metal rails.
My memory looks up at me just like he did that night.
I see his bright blue eyes, the raw panic behind them,
when that final, crushing wave slams into the ship.
The little light that remains shattered to darkness,
:icontwentyfootangels:TwentyfootAngels 5 3
The Song of Leaving Birds
Of tired feathers silken touch,
The ancient tale of pilgrimage
When maple leaves turn red and gold
The soaring spirits know no cage
Goodbye to mists and fading fern
To silver threads of gossamer
The rosehips red and bitter sloes
Until the spring comes young and fair
Goodbye to songs in dreamy dusk
And the warm nests of sunny youth
When wings are weak, the will is strong
And stars will guide us to the South
To the far lands where winter winds
Do not have power over Sun,
So we can return in the spring,
Because home... home is only one.
:iconmirachravaia:MirachRavaia 26 28
I got high and found you on my mind
Resting in my lap, talking about the weather
It wasn’t stormy or even blue
Just a day when the sky couldn’t settle its mood
:icondy-ad:dy-ad 17 8
Last night I swam, and
the water was radioactive.
I grew gills
and blew bubbles, turning breaths
into memories.
There were no seagulls on the pier, no stalls,
no sweet and sticky smells,
but a pair of my 'fuck me' shoes.
I slept in seashells, and watched
the sun leak on to the surface –
ashes from earth blowing in the sky with the
salt from the sea.
The coral towered, and the
narwhals wearied with their brittle horns;
split and grew, branched antlers -
stags of the sea.
And like the submissive doe, I
rode on their backs –
soaring through the northern drift,
Atlantis bound, free from the soiled bonds of earth.
:iconhippiehebe:HippieHebe 16 10
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Daily Lit Deviations for November 7th, 2012
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this is about forgetting
This is the thing about forgetting:
                For weeks you bury your face in the clothes you wore when he was near and the smell is a comfort and a torture.  You decide that the torture is not worth the comfort so you leave them draped across the back of a chair and place things on top of them to stop yourself until one day you shove your hands through the pile until your fingers wrap around the fabric and you yank it free only to realize it was pointless.  Even his ghost is gone.
                The next thing that leaves is the way his voice looked in the dark.  Those few sentences become blurred and rough around the edges.  What you remember drops in your stomach in a different way. 
                You run your fingers over your
:iconlinaket:linaket 35 17
Earth Symbiosis by lauraborealisis Earth Symbiosis :iconlauraborealisis:lauraborealisis 542 170 Oracle Portal by lauraborealisis Oracle Portal :iconlauraborealisis:lauraborealisis 358 91
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Nightmare Stains and Stubborn Tattoos :iconemaciatedandepitaphs:EmaciatedandEpitaphs 21 8



United States
About me

I’m a middle aged white boy with a past, present, and god willing a future. I’ve lived hard and fast most my life and now it seems I’m slowing. I work for a living and play on the weekends. I enjoy Nascar, Bourbon, and BBQ and I love to grill. I also love to write and I love music. I’m no musician, but I am an enthusiast. My genres include punk rock, Rip Hop, and Reggae music and I don’t do much without them. I enjoy tattoos, back yard parties with friends, and just having a good time in general. I try not to cause problems for anyone and I hate drama. Basically I just want to take care of my responsibilities, my kids, and have a good time along the way. I guess you could say I’m a fairly simple guy.

As for writing, my interest began in late 2008-early 2009. Since then I like to think I’ve grown as a writer, but like most things we embark on I know I will forever be a student of literature. Now, I would love to categorize my writing style for you, throw out words like fixed form and free verse, but I gave that up almost immediately. Instead, I just call it life poetry and tag it as spoken-word leaving the rest up to you. I sincerely hope you enjoy what you find here.

Current Residence: Texas


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